Workshop: Meet the Latin American and Caribbean Evidence Hub (Hub LAC) – Identifying needs and obstacles in the regional Evidence Informed Policy (EIP) ecosystem.
August 3, 2022

On Friday, August 5th, we will hold the first workshop organized by Hub LAC. This event corresponds to the first of three workshops, which seek to connect relevant actors for the production, communication and use of evidence in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC).

The first session will include participants from the countries of the Hub’s sponsoring institutions: Brazil, Colombia and Chile. The workshops will serve as a prelude to the Hub’s year-end event. In addition, they will give us an insight into the obstacles and needs that exist in our region to develop the use of evidence in decision making.

During the workshop we will explore the following questions:

  • What obstacles exist in each country for the effective use of evidence in decision making?
  • What factors are indispensable to generate a good evidence ecosystem?
  • What challenges exist for the generation of regional networks in Latin America and the Caribbean?


Objectives and guidelines

Our workshops have a situated approach, as they focus on the conditions of evidence-informed policy in Latin America and the Caribbean-LAC. Therefore, their questions and results are nationally and regionally oriented. We seek to develop simple and effective participatory activities that help us to build our Hub collaboratively.

In this regard, our workshops have a need-driven orientation, which seeks to find collaborative solutions to the challenges faced by our participants. To this purpose, our main proposal is to stimulate the connection between people interested in PIE from all over LAC.

The objective of our first workshop is to raise awareness of our Hub and promote interaction between actors involved in EIP in LAC, in order to collaboratively produce a broad perspective of regional needs in knowledge translation.

To this end, we invited actors interested in translating knowledge, who are involved in organizations related to EIP in Colombia, Brazil and Chile.

Expected outcomes

After the workshop, we expect to share the results with attendees, but also with all those who are interested in learning about them. This will be done through newsletters and other diffusion materials that will be available in the coming months.