Partnership for Evidence and Equity in Responsive Social Systems

PEERSS is a global partnership working to advance the use of evidence for progress in social systems.

Working together for better evidence. better decisions. better lives.

PEERSS believes that social systems can play a critical role in transforming people’s lives.

The role of our partnership is to support social systems in responding to people’s needs, with decisions based on transparent, fair and accountable processes that acknowledge the value of systematically engaging citizens’ perspectives and opinions in policy decisions. Our work takes into account the equity of policy decisions and equitable participation of citizens and stakeholders in the deliberative processes.


From the Coordinating Organization for the Partnership for Evidence and Equity in Responsive Social Systems: Reflections from our first year

PEERSS brings together partner organizations from across 13 countries, many but not all rooted in health, and all working to advance the use of evidence in social systems. Our new acronym — PEERSS — perfectly captures the spirit of the partnership. PEERSS partner organizations are evidence champions — learning together and supporting each other as peers to advance evidence-informed, equitable solutions for addressing social challenges.

In this first blog, we share early insights from our first year as Coordinating Organization, and efforts to facilitate learning and collaboration in the partnership.


A world of evidence.

PEERSS brings together partners from 13 countries, many with long-standing ties to ministries of health, to learn from and support each other in promoting the use of research evidence in policymaking.

The 13 partners draw on a range of approaches and tools – including, systematic reviews, rapid syntheses of evidence, stakeholder dialogues, and citizen panels –  to provide decision makers with the evidence they need to address key priorities.



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Where all partners have a voice

As a partnership, we are working equitably where all partners have a voice and capacity to decide on the co-creation of our collective objectives and processes (e.g. equitable learning, equitable participation in the definition of what we want to be and where we want to go).

PEERSS Strategic Decision-Making Team


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Highlights from the PEERSS panel at the 2021 What Works Global Summit (WWGS)

Several PEERSS partners took part in the What Works Global Summit organized by the Campbell Collaboration, co-hosted this year with the Global Development Network (GDN) as the Evidence for Development conference. Looking across disciplines, the Summit sought to go beyond effectiveness data to explore the relevance, timeliness, and inclusiveness of evidence for decision-making in development.

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